third place: a social environment distinct from home or the workplace, the third place is where community happens; it is the exchange of ideas, the shared existence, the home away from home.


The first of its size, the galleries at monOrchid feature the very best of local Phoenix art flavor.


Consider the monOrchid a blank canvas, carefully designed to adapt to the unique vision of each individual client.

The Meeting Place

Not your everyday conference room - this one-of-a-kind meeting space is sure to inspire and intrigue.


The studios of the monOrchid easily conform to meet the needs of students, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.


Experience one of the city's most engaging urban coworking spaces, right in the heart of the Phoenix Arts District.

The Staff

Meet the team committed to bringing personal visions to life in a versatile and convenient package unlike any other.

The Mono-Members

Meet the lovely members of Monorchid home of a verity of small business, creatives and start-up entrepreneurs.