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Sky black

Surreal future-esque landscapes painted with vivid pastels and contemporary subject matters are a common theme for Flagstaff native Sky Black. By balancing adventure with nostalgia and blending classic old world themes with his subjects, Black challenges his viewer to decipher their own meaning of his works. Within these oil paintings, Black ties together his attraction to ironies, juxtaposition and the ordinary with the primary goal to create something completely unexpected.

Antoinette cauley

Antoinette Cauley’s major muse is music, rap music in particular. The Phoenix, Arizona painter uses music to consciously explore personal, social and racial struggles in an attempt to engage her audience in conversations about these hard to tackle issues. Cauley ties childhood  traumas that lead to the feelings of growing up too fast to the unconventional portraits of young girls portraying famous rap personas. By using the grisaille painting technique, she achieves enamoring portraitures with a strong depth of field. Antoinette is also a big advocate for giving back to the community, she can be found teaching painting and art theory to the youth during her free time.


Born in Santa Cruz, California, KC Haxton traveled often with his family, only calling one place home for no longer than a few months. From moving into a Buddhist temple with his father at the age of fourteen to becoming a sponsored amateur skateboarder at sixteen, Haxton has experienced more than most. The painter and designer pulls inspiration from these incredible occurrences and describes his style of painting as romantic, satirical and delicate. “Art is a medium that opens the door into the unknown, and provides a platform in which one can explore, indulge and grow. Art provides the stage for the experience, and is infinite in its possibility.”

judith ann miller

The story-telling themes in Judith Ann Miller’s work have connections to the artist’s fascination with discovering the past through found objects and their history. The Arizona native feels the deeper meaning of life can be easily glossed over, leading her to question how we can contribute and change our surroundings in a positive manner. Miller often finds herself walking that fine line been the rough exterior and unrefined nature of everyday objects, letting the more complicated thoughts and motives speak through them. Through her oil paintings and mixed media pieces, Miller hopes to inspire others to ask more questions and seek the answers they may not want to find.

Rainey Studios Photography

Rainey Studios Photography

matt priebe

Artist Matt Priebe incorporates photographic emulsion, painting, video installation and electronic sculpture to his works. Priebe aims to capture and manipulate digital imagery in order to create a negative for analog development - focusing on the concept of time, mortality and the images associated with reminiscence. With this photography emulsion process, he exposes images to a variety of surfaces and textures to achieve a true sense  of nostalgia from an unfamiliar environment. Priebe currently calls Copenhagen home but divides his time between his studios there and in Phoenix, Arizona.

michael viglietta

Contemporary abstract artist Michael Viglietta is drawn to the process of discovering as he creates. With a background in movie and television production, the New York born artist eventually shifted gears and pursued his passion of painting. By layering, removing, and thickening a variety of mediums, Viglietta compares his process to that of an archaeologist, excavating and exploring his canvases. Before knowing what direction his pieces may go, Viglietta requires the paints to move about the canvas, guiding his every next move.