Studio Rentals in the Heart of Downtown Phoenix

monOrchid is the city’s premiere interdisciplinary creative hub in the heart of historic downtown. Built within a former warehouse, the studios at monOrchid are a prime setting for commercial and product shoots, modeling, sound recording and filmmaking.

monOrchid’s unique construction and studio space combines the adaptability of moveable walls and high ceilings, with the convenience of on-site amenities. Our flexible rental and privacy options and top of the line in-house equipment are the building blocks for any project, from a small product shoot to a multi-set movie production.


The Space

monOrchid is a beacon of sustainable design and an icon of the Phoenix creative community. This repurposed warehouse was designed with the photographer and creative in mind, utilizing the original building’s unique construction and style.

Whether you’re in need of a space for individual photo sessions, commercials, product shoots, modeling, films, portraits or even automotive shoots, the flexible spaces convert to accommodate your specific needs.

North Studio

Perfect for extended production schedules and demands, monOrchid’s north studio offers a more intimate and private atmosphere. The studio’s location in the heart of the monOrchid building provides supremely controlled sound and lighting, with both black out and daylight studio options.

A dedicated make-up and dressing room and full chef’s kitchen makes the north studio the perfect setting for complex shooting structures. Ask our team about the north studio’s cyclorama rental, as well as a portable green screen on request. The studio’s shooting loft provides options for overhead shoots.

South Studio

With 75-foot corner to corner shoot availability and an extra large radius curve cyclorama, the south studio is designed for expansive photography and film shoots. An articulated vertical lighting grid offers more lighting flexibility, plus a drive-through 13’ roll up door for easy equipment loading and unloading.

In-House Equipment Rentals

Missing some of the building blocks for your projects? Our catalogue of in-house equipment offers tools for photography, sound recording, lighting, videography and set design. Equipment rental is easily included in your custom rental agreement to keep things simple.

  • Cameras
  • Sound systems
  • Strobe lighting
  • Hot lights
  • Stands and grips
  • Modifiers / Reflectors
  • A large catalogue of in-house equipment, multiple jibs, the grid set high in sturdy wooden rafters, privacy options, and exceptional lighting mean your project will get all the attention it deserves without the inconvenience of forgotten tools or features.

    Need something not in our inventory? Our team has a wide network of local businesses to get the equipment you need for your project.


    The studios of The Monorchid have been painstakingly designed for ultimate flexibility. They have transformed incredibly since the year 2000 when the building was originally purchased as an abandoned warehouse and repurposed.

    The amazing vision and personal passion of their creator is readily apparent in the design and function of both Monorchid photography studios. The rooms continue to evolve to this day, seamlessly adapting to the needs of new clientele in the area.

    The studios and equipment have been host to events ranging from Kickstarter video projects to fashion shoots to feature-length films and easily conform to meet the needs of students, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Like the foresight of its spaces, rental agreements at The Monorchid are available to accommodate any project, regardless of its scope.

    Call or email to schedule a detailed tour or to discuss specific rental options. The friendly staff is equipped to handle even the most demanding project requirements and eager to assist in ushering your unique vision from concept to reality.