downtown phoenix

Sky Black completes first Phoenix mural at monOrchid!

New mural born in Evans Churchill neighborhood....


Welcome to the neighborhood, Sky Black's first Phoenix mural, “Persist Majestic”! In this scene, a lone coyote is trying to make its way through the rubble & destruction of Phoenix. Its home has been razed but in the end, the coyote survives as it creates a new playground of exploration. 

With Phoenix's rapid rate of development, our city finds itself enduring prosperous transformation. When you look out across the horizon, cranes can be seen in almost every direction; a reminder that this vast metropolitan area is undergoing change and growth, while fostering adaptation for its inhabitants. Black's coyote is symbolic to all of us - as we explore new territories, we learn to approach change with positivity in order to sustain ourselves.

monOrchid's new mural can be found on the north-east alley behind The Dressing Room. This piece is something you definitely will want to see in person! Feel free to take a photo and tag us too! @themonorchid

*Sky Black "Before We Forget Ourselves" exhibition will be showing until June 15, 2018 at monOrchid Gallery.