Sky Black Opening Reception at monOrchid Gallery 3/16/18

Sky Black “Before We Forget Ourselves”

Opening Reception at monOrchid Gallery



Before We Forget Ourselves opens Friday, March 16 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at monOrchid Gallery located at 214 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, 85004. Sky’s solo exhibition, which opens in conjunction with Art Detour’s 30th anniversary, will show a range of themes from future-esque, surreal landscapes painted with vivid pastels to contemporary themes such as overconsumption and greed. Sky narrates his paintings in ways that show fusions and collisions of humankind and nature. It is often his goal to show humankind as belonging to the animal kingdom as much as the crunch belongs in peanut butter. 

    Born in Flagstaff, Sky’s visual vocabulary extends from adventure to nostalgia, blending classical, old world themes and techniques with his stylistic subjects. There is always a level of uncertainty embedded in the paintings as the viewer is continually challenged to decipher their own meanings. These enigmatic themes are assisted by the complex combinations of inanimate and animate objects. 

“It is always my goal to challenge the viewers perception of reality.” - Black

    Sky’s unique style is as experimental as it is creative and always leaves a trail for the mind to wander. Sky passed on a full ride scholarship to put his ambition as an artist to the test. Though not formally trained, he is constantly studying, researching, and observing. His work has appeared on covers of magazines and newspapers, been collected internationally, and shown around the country in galleries and competitions.

Show dates: March 16, 2018 - June 15, 2018
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