The Monorchid - A Place of Hope

We were privileged to host an event this past Tuesday (3/17) for the RadiatePHX crowd, including many of the City's business and community leaders.  The Downtown Phoenix Journal was kind enough to write a pretty outstanding article describing not only the event, but also the heart of The Monorchid set within this beautiful community.

This article appears to be based upon Wayne's speech presented the night-of. You can read the full article HERE or by clicking on the picture above, but this is my personal favorite part:

"This building that is monOrchid is much like downtown Phoenix in many ways. Not that many years ago it was a broken and under-utilized place – a warehouse for forgotten things. It was inefficient and expensive to refit but its history and authenticity were still mostly intact, and that authenticity was an absolutely essential component for it – and its neighborhood’s – revival.

The investment was worth it.

Today we gather here and celebrate the many future possibilities that are Phoenix."

Beautifully done, Downtown Phoenix Journal! We at The Monorchid are very grateful for the wonderful relationship we share, and we're especially proud to be a contributing part of this City's exciting evolution.