Savage Rhythm, Solo Roots Jazz Class

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.


That, and the corresponding patter of a couple dozen feet. I’m sitting on the old couch in my little office, listening to the sounds of Savage Rhythm tear it up with a whole class of beautiful people braver than I. They’re learning the basics of jazz dance.


Of course, having them here is wonderful for us - the sound of the music they dance to, the ease of banter between Jonathan Lindsey and his rapt observers, the chorus of laughter erupting inevitably every few minutes, the stomping of feet and the snapping of fingers - it all fits so well the spirit of this building, standing as it has the vocal contender for the arts since its inception back at the turn of this millennium.


One thing I shouldn’t admit: part of bringing Savage Rhythm to the monOrchid from their previous venue was a pinky-promise, sworn among witnesses. The deal was that I’d learn to dance with Jonathan and his peeps, despite the bug of insecurity buried deep inside my brain.


But this is good: I heard a couple of the students talking, one reminding the other to grab some coffee from the coffee shop here in-house. Before and after the class, curious eyes take in the walls filled with this month’s art.


Outside, Orion and his starry neighbors look down on all of this. I’ll bet they smile and elbow one another; say things like, “Check it out: remember when they all used to dance the swing?” But this is speculation. The facts are that Savage Rhythm is here, and we hope they’re here to stay awhile.


I’ll be facing the question of which pair of shoes best qualifies for this Solo Roots Jazz Dance; you should, too!


Come support Jonathan and come engage the arts. Savage Rhythm will be here every Wednesday this month from 6:45-8:15pm. Class cost is only $10. Sounds from here like it’s well worth the money. Let’s find out together, what d’ya say?


- Tim