September 2016- New Myths

Shade Projects is proud to present New Mythsthe solo photography exhibition of Rembrandt Quiballo in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid. New Myths, features the debut of his latest body of work featuring mass produced images are saturating television, film and the Internet, greatly influencing our perception of the world and our values. This current work was created by appropriating images from mass media, which he then manipulates digitally, printing digital composites onto transparency paper then utilizing an image transfer technique collaging and layering several of these transparent prints onto acrylic glass or archival paper. The artist’s method transforms endlessly replicated images from mass media into unique objects. 

“Quiballo’s work explores mass media and its effects on social and political history and lives utilizing imagery to create evocative works of art”, states Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse. “My work attempts to subvert this prevailing apparatus by using components from mass media to critique and construct new myths”, says Quiballo. He goes on to say, “Furthermore, I use instances of compression artifacts found in digital media as a point of intervention, where the immaculate façade of high definition media disintegrates and exposes instability in the seemingly constant stream. “ 

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