SEPTEMBER 2015- Early Works: 1994-1999

Shade Projects is proud to present the Early Work: 1994-1999 from Noé Badillo in Bokeh Gallery, marking his return to the monOrchid and his first solo exhibition of his photography with us. Early Work: 1994-1999 gives us an intimate look at Badillo’s subjects, “gaining a sense of stillness, and an understanding that the world looked unique through my lens from my own vantage point, in a way that was separate from the rest of the world”, says the artist.

Approaching his work from this exciting perspective allowed the artist to experience nature as an abstraction, by eliminating unnecessary elements through the use of formal composition. “This series of photographs represents the formative period of his work as an artist, photography allowed the artist to spend extended amounts of time exploring the external world through his viewfinder resulting in breathtaking imagery which echo a feeling of mystery and isolation ”, says Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

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The Opening Reception for the Early Work: 1994-1999 will be held on First Friday, September 4th from 6-10pm with the artist in attendance. The Closing Reception will be held on Third Friday, September 18th from 6-10pm featuring an intimate evening with the artist, amazing artwork, wine and more. Early Work: 1994-1999 will be on display in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid from September 4th until September 27th, 2015.

For media inquiries or a private appointment to view this exhibition please contact Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse by phone at (602) 810-3449 or by email at