December 2015- CELEBRITY

Shade Projects is proud to present Celebrity, a group exhibition exploring how celebrities and how they are perceived in society. Artists explore how we associate celebrity with glitz, glamour and the diverse creative worlds of television, film, fashion, and art. This exhibition will showcase a vibrant selection of drawings, paintings and mixed-media works that depict various celebrities and personalities of both past and present while examining what celebrity is to each artist.

We will be showcasing a dynamic group of six local artists including Babe&Butter, DadSocks, Jeanna Delfin, Jesse Perry, Jon Wassom and Larry Willis. Each artist possesses a very distinct style, unique voice and great skill that perfectly lends itself to bringing this fascinating theme to life in Shade Gallery, states Curator, Nicole Royse.

Please join us for the Opening Reception of Celebrity on First Friday, December 4th from 6-10pm with the artists in attendance. Also First Friday will future the monOrchid’s monthly local vendor market, live music and much more. The Closing Reception will be held on Third Friday, December 18th from 6-10pm featuring an intimate evening with the artists with an opportunity to hear the artist’s speak about their amazing artwork. Celebrity will be on display in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid from December 4th until December 27th, 2015.