In the heart of downtown Phoenix’s famous Roosevelt Row Arts District exists the monOrchid Gallery – the premiere art gallery to occupy the district. monOrchid Gallery revitalized the Downtown area and birthed the largest art walk in Arizona known as “First Friday.” monOrchid Gallery is not just a building, but it is the catalyst of revival.

It is the first gallery of its size and scale to be established in the downtown Phoenix area, opened to the public in 1999. monOrchid Gallery has remained a destination for First Friday and Third Friday, popular monthly occurrences drawing large crowds of art aficionados. monOrchid Gallery has actively promoted the arts since its inception, watching proudly as the Phoenix arts scene blossomed.

monOrchid Gallery is focused upon two things: a sense of aesthetic clarity for the 21st Century (maximal minimalism) and a home for artists that reflect and enhance monOrchid’s contribution to the dialogue of NOW.

monOrchid Gallery is entirely convertible, depending on the aesthetic of each art exhibition. The gallery features an open floor plan composed of towering whitewashed walls, beautiful art lighting, several modular gallery walls and a cycloramic backdrop, all set within a beautiful warehouse setting. It’s quarterly exhibitions feature a wide variety of artistic mediums and styles, each reimagining the space. Artists shown are represented by the gallery with full support.