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Closing Reception of "Decode the Distant" by Matt Priebe

Join us for the closing reception of “Decode the Distant” by Matt Priebe on Friday, March 1st during Roosevelt Rows Art District Art Walk.

Photography sometimes feels like a mechanism that forces us to examine time itself and how we contemplate progress in our life and society. “Decode the Distant“ explores this interaction and these questions…

Artist Matt Priebe incorporates photographic emulsion, painting, video installation and electronic sculpture to his works. Priebe aims to capture and manipulate digital imagery in order to create a negative for analog development - focusing on the concept of time, mortality and the images associated with reminiscence. With this photography emulsion process, he exposes images to a variety of surfaces and textures to achieve a true sense  of nostalgia from an unfamiliar environment. Priebe currently calls Copenhagen home but divides his time between his studios there and in Phoenix, Arizona.