'Game' by KC Woolf Haxton

Game by Los Angeles based artist KC Woolf Haxton will showcase from Friday, August 23rd until Friday, November 1st.

Game by KC Woolf Haxton

Conception. Contrast. Light and Dark, Fast and Slow. Resistance and Acceptance.

There is a singular moment where opposing sides of an idea meet. The place where

neither action has begun nor ended. Where all that exists is the potential to become either.

So begins the exercise. Holding these events equally, acknowledging the simultaneous existence of the black, the white, and the spectrum held within. This new vista brings evolution to the shape that was previously a dream. The exercise is expansion.

Ascension. The location of infinite possibility through expansion. It embraces the totality of the exercise, going beyond form; attaining concept.

KC Woolf Haxton has been a working artist since 2004.

With years of success in the commerce of art, his focus is now celebrating authenticity in a new way; his own.

He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.