Loft-Style Co-working Spaces in Downtown Phoenix

        Work where it all started. As one of the first locations to offer a collaborative environment in the valley, monOrchid is the city’s most established co-working space. Industrial loft-style offices host movers and shakers in the creative community, local businesses and start-ups. Offering both individual work stations and team spaces, monOrchid is here to support your personal business in a one of kind environment.

        Designed to preserve and enhance the building’s original structure, the offices at monOrchid are distinct from other co-working spaces in the valley. monOrchid offers semi-private and flexible spaces in a unique loft area accessed by artfully-designed stairwells, overlooking naturally-lit studios, a coffee shop and restaurant. 

Utilize the on-site conference office, our dedicated meeting room that offers 4K television, Apple TV/HMDI connectivity, and teleconferencing abilities. Tenants enjoy dedicated desks within unique pod-style spaces, plus access to an on-site kitchen with a stove and microwave for quick meal preparation. 

        Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix and within a thriving creative consortium, co-working residents at monOrchid do more than work. They join a community of the valley’s most innovative minds. There is currently a total of 9 private office spaces and 15+ desks, although the entire space is fully convertible to fit each tenant’s specific needs.

Co-workers at monOrchid aren’t confined by rigid rental contracts. Day pass options are available for temporary and transient workers, while longer-term co-workers can create custom month to month, four-, six- and 12-month leases. Virtual memberships are available for those that need a physical office to compliment digital freelance work. 

Of all the features huddled inside the unassuming monOrchid structure, its conference room is arguably one of the most intriguing, featuring the well-known “hangin conference table” constructed of concrete reclaimed from the flooring of the original 1937 structure.

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Built on a model of environmental sustainability, monOrchid makes green and alternative commutes easy with close proximity to public bus lines, bike paths, and the Roosevelt Street Lightrail stop. Discounts are applied to coworkers regularly using alternative transport to commute to the office, including those that commute via extensive bike paths connecting monOrchid to the rest of the valley. 

monOrchid is within walking distance of central Phoenix’ local gems, including the city’s best galleries and restaurants. At be Coffee + Food + Stuff on site, co-workers can easily get their caffeine fix without ever leaving the monOrchid building. Wind down after a workday with dinner and drinks at our on-site restaurant, The Dressing Room.